Camp Blood 8: Revelations

Camp Blood 8: Revelations

Stay Out Of My WoodsJan. 01, 2020
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The Killing at Camp Blood stopped for a while. But the son of the original killer clown has carried on the machete and driven by his deranged mother, played by Sally Mullins (Things 4, Lights Out With David Spade), continues to kill anyone who trespasses in his woods. When a group of female volleyball players’ vehicle breaks down in the woods, they are all potential victims of the killer clown. Their leader and coach Dolly, played by Phoebe Dollar (Hell’s Highway, Sunset Society), devices a plan that is meant to help them escape, but could possible get them all killed. Is she in on the murders” Does she have a dark secret herself? All will be revealed.

Original title Camp Blood 8: Revelations

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